Body Fat percentage, Importance And Measurements

Body composition is what decides a person’s whole body look and fitness. Anyone, who wants to look on a beach or wants to live longer, will have to understand the importance of body composition. Body fat percentage is not only important in fitness and health it is also important in the development of many chronic conditions including diabetes and hypertension. It is not only the amount of body fat percentage that is to be concerned about, but the distribution of body fat is also an important aspect in measuring health risk or a healthy body. Researchers have found out to be that central obesity is linked with higher risk of heart diseases and cancers.

The question arises about the measurement of body fat that how a person can measure his body fat and find out about the health and fitness of his body. There are dozens of methods available over the internet for the measurement of body fat percentage, with accuracy ranging from decimals and also a lot of erroneous methods are available.

To save you the trouble of finding out methods over the internet, we have brought you top methods to measure body fat with their benefits and disadvantages.

1. DEXA (Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry)

Until recently, X-Ray was only used to detect broken bones, but now it has become more than that. X-Rays are now being used to detect body fat percentage and composition in the human body. In DEXA scan people are put under X-rays of different intensities. The technician gathers the readings by measuring the absorption of X-rays into the body. It collects the data about bone mineral density as well as lean body mass and fat body mass.

Benefits: It is a highly accurate technique to measure body composition.  

Cons: It is costly and also time taking as you have to take an appointment to go to a medical professional to get DEXA scan done.

2. Air-Displacement Plethysmography

It is not that complicated and can easily be done by simply making the person sitting in a small machine, and the air displacement in the person is measured. The displacement of air in the person’s body will calculate body density, and the body density will eventually be used to measure body composition.

Benefits: The machine used in this method is comfortable, and people mostly found the method comfortable and accommodating for every age, height, and physique.  

Cons: The method mostly cost around $45 and $60 per reading and it also not easily available. The method is costly and time-consuming.

3. 3D Body Scan

This option is becoming more fans favorite and easily available day by day. Many brands are offering 3D Body Scanner for at home usage. These scanners are easy to use as they will scan your body, will measure the circumference of different parts of your body and will allow you track your body composition by using a simple app.

Benefits: It is easy to use due to ever advancing technology corresponding app. If you bring the scanner home, it will be easier, and privacy will be kept.

Disadvantages: The machine will get a more accurate reading while you are not wearing anything. However, if you want to wear something, wear tight pants and a top but always use the same outfit while taking readings.